At Landmark Baptist School, we put an emphasis on music. Our music program allows students to learn through:

  • Elementary Choirs
  • Teen Choir
  • Orchestra¬†(Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)

Orchestra classes are available for 5th through 12th grades. Each class will be taught by an instructor accomplished in his/her field.  Students are expected to fulfill practice times and participate in special programs throughout the school year. Each student is required to either provide his own instrument or request to rent an instrument.


Athletics are another opportunity for students at Landmark Baptist School to develop socially and physically. In addition to promoting physical conditioning, athletics help our students learn leadership skills, perseverance, and school spirit.

Landmark Baptist School competes in the Association of Christian Schools of Western Colorado (ACSWC) in both volleyball and basketball. Every year we travel to two tournaments for our teams to compete.

Our qualified staff includes many gracious volunteers from the Landmark Baptist Church family. These godly mentors focus on developing both athletic skill and Christian character.