Ryan Barlament
Tom Barlament
Brett Arrants
Junior High
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Kelsey Barlament
3rd & 4th Grade
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Christy Barrows
1st & 2nd Grade
Mrs. Christy Barrows has been teaching at Landmark Baptist School for the last eight years. She loves watching the students learn to read, write, and learn new concepts.

She has an associate of science, specializing in occupational therapy. Mrs. Barrows helped plan and implement a children's psychiatric unit, ran a restorative nursing unit, and ran her own home childcare business for eight years. She was president of the Mesa County Family Childcare Association for several years. She has always loved working with children and wants to help them reach their highest potential.

Be sure to ask her why giraffes are her favorite animal, yellow her favorite color, and popcorn her favorite food!

Denise Carlin
Junior High
Mrs. Denise Carlin has been around Landmark Baptist School since it was founded in 2004. Most of that time has been as a volunteer or substitute teacher, but she also taught the 4 & 5 year old kindergarten class for two years. She attended Southwest Baptist University taking a plethora of music courses and enjoying the eccentric lives and conversations of fellow musicians. Mrs. Carlin continued her education at Hyles-Anderson College until health concerns brought her back home to Grand Junction.

Sources might say Mrs. Carlin always wins at games. This, however, isn’t true as her husband, Will, is the Uno champion of the family. She prefers word games over strategy, logic puzzles over racing games, and thankfully she doesn’t get too upset when she loses. Other hobbies include playing piano and reading Christian fiction books. Her choices of music to play at the piano include hymns, gospel, classical, and even some ragtime.

Will Carlin
High School
Bro. Will Carlin has been interested in learning from the time he could read, but his involvement in education has only recently been tapped. He attended Memphis State University on a Naval ROTC scholarship with a major in electrical engineering. His professional background is in electronics and information technology.

His roots at Landmark Baptist Church have grown deep; it’s where he met and married his wife, Denise, as well as where he has served the Lord since November of 2004. In his free time, Bro. Carlin can be found reading or catching a game of his favorite baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Cindy Hawkins
Mrs. Hawkins has been teaching either full or part time at LBS since 2004. Most of her teaching career has been in music. She is always amazed at how fast the music class time goes by!

Bro. and Mrs. Hawkins both graduated from Western State College in Gunnison, CO. Mrs. Hawkins BA degree is in K-12 Instrumental Music Education.

Mrs. Hawkins loves to read, to travel, go camping, and to drink peppermint mocha lattes!

Pat Hawkins
High School
Bro. Pat Hawkins is new to the teaching staff at LBS this year. He has always enjoyed math and is currently teaching high school geometry.

He attended Western State College in Gunnison where he started dating a young lady that he went to high school with, but didn’t pursue her at that time. They have been together ever since.

Since joining Landmark Baptist in 2005, Bro. Hawkins has been involved in one way or another with the church finances. Then in February 2016 he took the position of financial administrator for the church and its related ministries.

Bro. Hawkins enjoys traveling, hiking, target shooting, and drinking triple grande cinnamon dolce lattes extra hot!

Corrie Haynes
Kindergarten - 4 year old
Mrs. Corrie Haynes has been a K4 teacher since January 2017. Previous to working at Landmark Baptist School, Mrs. Haynes worked as a Lead Teacher at Landmark Christian Preschool (LCP). She worked at LCP for 4 1/2 years before starting as a kindergarten teacher. She has a certificate as a teacher in Early Childhood Education from Delta Montrose Technical College graduating in May of 2016. She has been married to her wonderful husband since 2006, and has 3 children that attend LBS. Mrs. Haynes learned to crochet through YouTube videos.
Kim Parker
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Kim Parker has been a member of Landmark Baptist Church for 10 years. Mrs. Parker helped Landmark Baptist School get its high school program, 7th -12th grade, back and taught at LBS for two years (2008-2010). Mrs. Parker taught in Landmark Christian Preschool for over a year before coming back on board with LBS as the Administrative Assistant. (School Secretary)

Many students know and love Mrs. Parker’s dog, Taz. Taz is a Therapy Dog at St. Mary’s hospital and the two of them have volunteered there for four years. One student asked why Taz doesn’t come to school every day, after all, he could learn in class just like everyone else!

Mrs. Parker loves working here at Landmark and hopes to be an encouragement to all of the students and administration. And, if you are in need of a ‘Taz Hug’, that can be arranged!

Charlie Pitcher
Junior High & High School
Bro. Charlie Pitcher is coming up on his second year teaching at our school. He is the Assistant to the Principal, junior high and senior high school homeroom teacher, and the math teacher. Bro. Pitcher attended Hyles-Anderson College for four years and has been working around kids and teens for over a decade. As well as being an ordained minister he is also our school’s coffee connoisseur!
Davora Pitcher
5th & 6th Grade
Davora Pitcher is the fifth and sixth grade teacher at Landmark Baptist School. She started teaching her class in January of 2014. Mrs. Pitcher attended college at Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana. She studied secondary education and has spent many years volunteering in multiple children's ministries. Mrs. Pitcher has a "hands on" teaching style and loves expanding the minds of her students.
Barbara Shown
Kindergarten - 5 year old
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